The Best and Worst Days to Buy Stocks

The Best Days to Buy Stocks

Mean Daily SPY returns for 2002-Present. The best days to buy stocks are green days, the worst: red

Some of the best days to buy the SPY ETF since 2002:

  • The first trading days of the year
  • February 1st
  • Middle of March
  • First two days of April
  • The 13th of the month in October and November

Some notable days to avoid:

  • The second days of March and October; there is a significant rebound effect after first of the month exuberance
  • The third week of any month tends to have more declines
  • The second week of October

There are plenty of other interesting days (feel free to comment with your own). It would seem this time of November has some good pickings. But as we saw before most of those good returns occurred prior to 2008.

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