Update to MKTSTK’s first book release: Intro to Social Data for Traders

We wanted to provide an update to everyone who signed up for a free copy of MKTSTK’s first book, Intro to Social Data for Traders by our very own Thomas Pendergrass. This book is intended for traders and investors that want to gain an edge on the competition by including social media and search analytics into their study of the market.

We cover a large breadth of topics, providing you with the seeds of knowledge to access social data sources and begin to explore how they can be incorporated into your trading.  You will learn how to build the interfaces between your computer and these novel social datasets. Examples include learning how to extract Google Trends data and programmatically read the StockTwits and Twitter streams.

The expected release date is February 26th, 2015. This was a little later than we expected, and we apologize for overshooting the deadline. Those who signed up will receive an email on the release date with information on downloading your copy from the Kindle store. Kindle books can be read on any Kindle device, on iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android device, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7, and through the Kindle Cloud Reader.

If you missed the free signup, you can pre-order the book here. We have tried to craft this release for traders who want the highest level of abstraction. In other words, this is a book written for traders by a trader: you will learn efficiently because your time is a non-renewable resource. That being said, to fully gain from the knowledge this book has to offer you must be interested in the infinite possibilities that arise from including social data in your study of the market.

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