FOMC statements: interactive timeline dataviz

Click for interactive timeline of important topics from FOMC statements @ mktstk.comleadIn the past we have shown how to download FOMC statements and use the results to visualize fedspeak. Today we are rolling out a visualization showing the evolution of FOMC communication over time. This is a bipartite graph where nodes belong to one of two classes:

  • Topic: the green nodes are the unique set of top collocated phrases extracted from each statement, e.g. “fed funds” or “asset purchases”
  • Date: each pink node represents an FOMC statement from a specific date

For each statement, we use Python’s NLTK to extract the top collocated phrases, or topics. Whenever a topic is present on a date, we draw a link between the two. Roll-over or tap each node to highlight the nodes it is connected to. 

Topics that are mentioned in only a few discussions live near the edges of the graph, while topics important to all statements live near the center timeline.

As always, please comment with any bugs or reach out to us at the usual places.

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