Top 5 MKTSTK posts thus far…

As this year flies by and this blog nears one year from conception (the concept was hatched at the end of this month, launched a bit later), we thought it would be cool to take a look at what articles you all thought were the most interesting over this blog’s short existence [as measured by total number of views as a proxy]

A lot of these are from the blog’s genesis, and so will be fresh to readers who just joined the party.

Drumroll, please…

  1. Trading Google Trends with logistic regression
  2. Minimum Spanning Trees in R
  3. Start Trading Like a Quant: Download Option Chains from Google Finance in R
  4. How to get free intraday stock data with Python
  5. Predicting a stock’s daily trading volume from the market open

We are curious to see what this will look like a few months from now, as MKTSTK has evolved rapidly since the beginning of the year. Moreover, we can’t help but think part of the evolution reflects our own personal journey’s as we have made the switch from wintry Chi-town to perpetually gorgeous S. FL [hint, it was a good choice]

Thanks for being a part of whats happened so far; the future is going to make the past look like amateur hour…

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a unique tool for visualizing the stock market, including views of filtered correlation networks and minimum spanning trees

Screenshot from SliceMatrix

Screenshot from SliceMatrix

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