I Just Flew Back from Stocktoberfest and Boy are My Arms Tired

Old joke aside*, I just got back from San Diego after having the privilege of attending this year’s Stocktoberfest hosted by Social Leverage. The event attracted presenters from all across the FinTech industry including but not limited to:

  • Robinhood – a commission free (mostly) brokerage
  • Ourcrowd – an equity crowdfunding platform
  • DataFox – a search engine for information about private companies

In addition, the event included a host of notable luminaries such as Jack Schwager, Brett Steenbarger, and many more (see the first link above for a full list).

In addition to my usual quant musings, expect a few articles over the near term which are inspired by the speakers and companies which presented at Stocktoberfest, possibilities include:

  • a run down of the crowdfunding ecosystem
  • an exploration into trading psychology
  • asking what are the wider implications of the free brokerage model?

Maybe even some more… Events like this get my mind spinning at high speed and I always enjoy catching the interesting ideas which fly out. (For a visual: think of a cotton candy machine or a criminally neglected Round Up ride)

Last but certainly not least, it was a pleasure to meet the talented people who keep StockTwits humming everyday, in reality! There’s nothing quite like putting a face to a name and making real connections (or at least proving you’re not a robot).

The last few days serve as a potent reminder that the true power of a social network is to bring focused and like-minded people together. This concentration of thought and expertise creates an environment where its effortless to expand the boundaries of your understanding.

Many thanks go to Howard, the StockTwits team, and everyone else who made the event an awesome experience.

Coronado is a gem, by the way…

EDIT: for those who missed it, this highly amusing video kicked off the show. Alternate title: everyone goes to jamba juice

*I feel like that magician was Henny Youngman meets David Copperfield, fantastic

What’s heretical, powerful, and bound to become ubiquitous in the future?

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