Some Limits of Machine Learning in Trading

Aka my first podcast.

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long; I’ve been deep in the lab working on my creation.

As my work-life balance has careened towards work, I have found it difficult to sit down and write like I used to, so I am giving this whole podcast thing a try…

So without further ado, I present a thought which occurred to me whilst gazing at the bay, why is machine learning so hard in trading? (EDIT: make sure to check out part 2 of this podcast, which explores what you CAN do with machine learning in trading)

Here’s the quadcopter application I referenced in the podcast. It really is amazing.

Also, if you see an army of uncannily strange avatars trying to pretend to be human, peep this project:

Unsupervised Representation Learning with Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks

which has the following disclaimer that couldn’t help but make me read further: All images in this paper are generated by a neural network. They are NOT REAL. Amazing, Ghost in the Shell continuing to become reality.

PS: Gonna try not to porky-pig it as much next time. That being said, this podcast will have an improvisational style…

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