Searching for Answers… with Volatility

Pretty random alternative datapoint for you to ponder. But here goes…

My first post ever on this blog was a tirade about how I think that SVXY and XIV were / are designed to fail. Despite the ribbings I have received from trading compatriots for this viewpoint I still believe them to be crazy bottle rocket rides that will end poorly. But thats not the point.

I was noticing that today its my most viewed post and so I wanted to take a longer term viewpoint and found a chart that, to me at least, is an eye opener:


This graph plots the monthly visits to my first article. The last time they experienced growth like this was the run up to August 2015 when volatility spiked and equities fell out of bed. Fact of the matter: people are organically searching for these ETF’s in greater volume.

Not saying the end is nigh (“Annie, grab your gun, uncut diamonds, cipro and weaponized anthrax and head for New Zealand!”) just wouldn’t be surprised if we had a few more days like yesterday in the near term future.

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