I’m Shutting Down MKTSTK

He’s gone, and we couldn’t do nothing about it.

What do you mean?

He’s gone. He’s gone. And that’s it.

Well, its been a whole lot of fun, but MKTSTK is getting shot in the head in a Bensonville basement.

No party. No waiting to die. Its gone. Real greaseball shit.

I’m really happy that I started this blog. I have to give special thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and made running this thing for free worth while.

That being said, its not a hard decision in any way, cuz WTF is anyone doing writing blog posts for FREE these days

If something you found valuable here is gone, take heart that I plan on putting dribs and drabs of reworked MKTSTK content out on my STEEM network account. Thats right, I’m not gone, just being reborn in a different more valuable form. The content I post on STEEM will be a looser, more natural format, spoken in my native language: fuckspeak.

OF COURSE, if you still can’t wait for my knowledge to arrive the natural way, you can always resort to sending me money.


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